Feature Projects

Canal Connections is actively involved in a number of large scale initiatives including the following:

Multi-Story Water
Multi Story Water is an interactive project taking place in the Shipley area during 2012. The idea is to involve local people in a creative conversation about the waterways that run through the town. We’re gathering stories, memories and ideas from people who live close to the River Aire and Bradford Beck, and we’re hoping to use these as raw material for the creation of live, site-specific performances (e.g. storytelling, theatre, walking tours) that will take place in open-air locations in September. The project is a research project being led by Leeds University with Canal Connections as a partner organisation.

Waterways for Growth
Waterways For Growth explores how our inland waterways can best support economic growth, through encouraging business activity and by creating attractive places near which people can live and work.  All this is underpinned by the sustainable management and development of the waterways and their surroundings. Canal Connections is the lead partner in developing workshops focused on developing the Social Economy through the waterways.

National Community Boats Association (NCBA)
The NCBA’s vision is a network of well resourced, well managed community boating organisations that promote access to UK waterways as well as promoting the safe use of community boats as a resource available for the benefit of disadvantaged and excluded groups in ways that promote social cohesion, protect the environment and support economic regeneration. Canal Connections is an accredited training centre and Trevor is the chair of the Board of Directors.

Canal and River Trust North East Partnership
The government is placing the waterways in trust for the nation through the Canal and Rivers Trust, and that means that it is important for the people who use them to have a greater say in how they are run. One of the ways that this will happen is through the Waterways Partnerships. Trevor has recently been appointed onto the North East Partnership.

Bradford Works
Bradford Works is a partnership based social enterprise offering quality grounds maintenance and landscape management services whilst delivering value for money and supporting long term unemployed people based on the principle that it is easier to get a job whilst in work. Canal Connections is a partner organisation together with Shipley College, Aspire!, Trescom and InCommunities .

Image Courtesy of Yvonne Roberts, Artist in Residence

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