Thursday 7 June 2012

Conference Update: Waterways for Growth Partnership Meeting Aalst (March 2012)

I was still exhausted from the conference, having just snatched a few hours sleep to start a journey by car, plane and train across Europe. The next few days could have been seen as a holiday but it was always an intense and full few days. The setting and the company was wonderful and the amount of information that was shared and given was tremendous. The photographs I take when I am out and about usually show the pleasurable side of the work but the most importance aspect is the common aim of how we use the waterways for sustainable growth. Why is it surprising to find that lessons learnt in Norway can be replicated in the UK? The sharing of knowledge and experience is immense.
When I joined this group of experts I felt completely out of my depth. Their work was about economic and physical regeneration. Where did people come into it? But now we have workshops on “the social economy” integrating that 3rd element of “social regeneration” – people are important.

Meeting up in the centre of Aalst for the Waterways For Growth Partnership Meeting
Working Late

Lest We Forget - An extremely moving experience of visiting a prison used during the war for the interrogation of resistance fighters

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